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South Platte River | Cheesman Canyon

Cheesman Canyon Fly Fishing Information

Cheesman Canyon is the most beautiful tailwater fishery in Colorado.  Famous for it’s educated wild rainbow trout and tiny flies.  Cheesman Canyon will test the skills of even the most accomplished fly fishers.  Roughly 22 miles from the heart of Denver, the Canyon does see a healthy amount of fisherman.  Access to the canyon is done through the Gill Trailhead, just above the Wigwam club.

Huge fish do exist in Cheesman Canyon.  Many of which are rarely caught by anglers.  This is due to the fact that you just cannot always get to the fish.  The “narrows” section of the camera can reach depths up to 20 feet.  Needless to say, there are plenty of rocks and ledges for a trophy trout to hide in.  Average sized fish in the canyon is between 12 and 18 inches.

Cheesman Canyon remains fish able everyday of the year.  Winter and Spring months drastically cut the number of angler who enter the canyon.  Summer and Fall months are considered peak season, with the majority of the insects also hatching during these months.  The majority of canyon fish are caught nymphing.  This is not to say the trout in the canyon do not rise, they do.  June, July and August will be the best months for fishing dry flies in Cheesman Canyon.  Bring plenty of water and snacks.  The hike into the canyon is not difficult, but the Colorado dry air will dehydrate you quickly.

Cheesman Canyon Real Time Stream Flows

Cheesman Canyon Hatches

Summer – Caddis, Tricos, Pale Morning Duns, Stoneflies, Terrestrials
Fall – Baetis, Tricos, Midges
Spring – Blue Winged Olives, Caddis, Tricos, Stoneflies
Winter – Midges

Cheesman Canyon Flies

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