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Colorado River Fly Fishing Information

The mighty Colorado River begins it’s journey in the heart of Colorado.  The Colorado River is born in the high peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park and gradually grows in size as it flows through the Colorado River Valley.  Most fly fishers split the Colorado River is split up in into two main sections, the upper and lower river.  The upper river is known as “Middle Park” and encompasses the Frasier Valley, Kremmling Valley and Vail Valley.  The Lower Colorado River consists of the water in and below the Glenwood Springs area.

The Colorado River in “Middle Park” flows through classic ranch land is teeming with abundant insect life (including mosquitoes). Dry fly fishing can be spectacular as trout are eager to rise and not as picky as some of the other major tailwaters. The Colorado River also boasts high fish counts.  More water and more cover, means more fish!  The upper sections of the Colorado River are deemed Gold Metal water and the harvest of fish is regulated.  Flows can be high during spring as the snow melts and fills the river. As the river begins to swell, stoneflies begin to migrate and become the trouts main source of food. Often times, during runoff the Colorado produces one of the best Salmon Fly hatches in the state. By early summer, bugs are hatching, fish are rising and this is one of the best places on the planet to spend a day. At the town of Parshall the Williams Fork River enters the Colorado adding more cold water and keeping the fish happy all summer long.

During late summer and fall, the Colorado has amazing Blue Winged Olive and Trico hatches that again offer incredible dry fly fishing. Streamer fishing is also excellent giving anglers the ability to find some big fish. By late fall, the brown trout are territorial and very willing to attach a large streamer. Brown trout dominate this stretch of river and make up the majority of the fish.  The rainbows in the river are fewer, but larger.  Rainbows can easily reach sizes of 18″ and larger.  Making them a bit larger on average.

Colorado River Near Kremmling Real Time Stream Flows

Colorado River Hatches
Summer – Tricos, Pale Morning Duns, Terrestrials, Caddis, Yellow Sallies, Red Quills, Midges
Fall – Baetis, Tricos, Terrestrials, Caddis, Midges, Red Quills
Spring – Blue Winged Olives, Stoneflies, Caddis, Midges
Winter – Midges

Colorado River Flies:

Colorado River Flow Data at Kremmling >>
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