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Carp Fly Fishing Denver South Platte River

James Spicer South Platte River CarpIn Denver, there exists a river where you can sight fish for enormous carp.  The South Platte River through the heart of Denver is a sight fishing Carp On The Fly mecca.  The fish in the Platte  are no easiest fish to catch.  Carp are some of the spookiest fish that swims, especially in the South Platte.  The Denver South Platte River is also home to the annual Carp Slam, held every year in August during the heat of the carp season.

Monster South Platte Denver CarpThe South Platte River flows south out of the bottom of Chatfield Reservoir.  The river is a carp haven from the Broncos stadium and to north as it begins to flow east.  The carp in this river have plenty of forage.  Crayfish, leeches, clams, mayfly nymphs and aquatic worms make up most of their diet.  The warm months are peak season for this high altitude fishery.  High flows in the spring limit the visibility and make it tough to see the fish.  June-Oct. are going to be your best bet at getting a carp to eat.  River flows can vary great, due to the river being a tailwater.  Check the flows before you go.  Stability in the flows is key.  Sudden drops or increases in the flow can greatly affect the fishing.

Carp Fly Fishing Denver

South Platte River Mirror Carp James SpicerDelicate presentation is key in catching and fly fishing for carp.  Your fly cannot splash the surface and you don’t ever want to strip the fly fast.  Warry Carp often eat the fly on the drop or with a slight “twitch”.  You must be patient and stealthy.  This often means sneaking up on pods of tailing fish and waiting for them to come to you, not sloshing around in the river chasing them!  Flies play a huge role in carp fishing.  You want to carry a selection of weighted and unweighted Carp Flies.  If you are presenting a heavy fly in shallow water and it lands hard, every fish in the river will scatter.  So you must have a variety of weighted flies for any situation you may encounter.  Access to the river is easy.  A bike path parallels the river for miles.  Simply pull the car into any city park and get down to the river!

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Giant Denver South Platte River Mirror Carp Fly Fishing

Carp on South Platte River

Fly Fishing Denver South Platte River Carp

Fly Fishing Carp Denver South Platte River

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Denver Trout Fly Fishing
Trout in the South Platte in Denver??  Yep, there may be a few.  Trout survival in Denver is completely dependent on flows and water temperatures.  During good water years, a few Rainbow trout and Brown Trout call the South Platte River in Denver home.  During low water years, the Trout in Denver barely survive and their number begin to decline.  The Caron Nature Center in Littleton has been stocking the South Platte River with catch able trout for the past few years and this is the main source of trout in the river.  Many larger fish will flush through the Chatfield Dam during high water years and is also a large source of Rainbow Trout for the South Platte.  Below is a little “teaser” of a few trout found in Downtown Denver!