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Depuy Spring Creek | Montana

Depuy Spring Creek Fly Fishing Information

Depuy Spirng Creek Montana Fly Fishing

Depuy Sping CreekDePuy Spring Creek is located only 6 miles south of Livingston, and 5 miles south of I-90 exit 333 on US Highway 89 mile marker 48, a short 45 minute drive from the major airport in Bozeman, Montana.  DePuy Spring Creek has a wide variety of water types that should suit any anglers temperament. Approximately 3 miles of creek twists its way through the ranch property creating many riffles, runs, pools, slow glides, deep water pockets and weed-channeled sections that will tempt and challenge the abilities of any angler. There is even a pond for the angler that wishes to use a float-tube.

Depuy Sping Creek Brown TroutThe constant water flow and water temperature, of Depuy Spring Creek, creates ideal conditions for both the trout and the organisms on which they feed. The trout on the creek tend to feed on the insect forms which are most available and the easiest to capture. These insect forms will vary throughout the different seasons of the year. Samples obtained by using a stomach pump have shown that most of what the trout eats is food that is taken beneath the surface of the water. Now this is not to say that there is no dry fly fishing, for there is. During certain times and under certain conditions the dry fly will be the only way to go. Also, remember that trout are feeders of opportunity and many times a Royal Wulff, Parachute Adams, or Yellow Humpy fished through a riffle will bring a rise.

Spring Creek Fly Fishing InformationThere are anglers who come to fish the creek using only certain methods, such as those who only want to fish dry flies to visible rising trout. Generally, these are experienced spring creek anglers who have definite ideas on where and how they will fish. That’s great! However, as a new or inexperienced spring creek angler, I suggest you keep an open mind and try various methods and pattern types. As long as you are fishing with flies there is no wrong way to fish Depuy Spring Creek!!

Depuy Spring Creek Hatches Fly FishingThe exceptional fishery, of Depuy Spring Creek, supports a wild population of brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout in its approximately 3 miles in length. This is a classic western spring creek in every sense. The insect hatches are predictable, plentiful and offer the angler unparalleled fly fishing experiences. The mayflies, midges, caddis, terrestrials, and other aquatic insects are richly abundant in the gin clear waters of the creek. The healthy riparian zone abounds with birds and wildlife.  Without a doubt, DePuy’s is one of the greatest natural fly fishing classrooms found anywhere today, set in the natural beauty of Paradise Valley and offering a quiet, natural setting abounding with plenty of wildlife to help make the day complete!

DePuy Spring Creek Hatches

  • Summer – Beetles, Black Ants, Pale Morning Duns, Tricos, Terrestrials, Caddis, Hoppers, Sulphurs, Specked Duns, Sowbugs, Scuds
  • Fall – Baetis, Terrestrials, Caddis, Midges, Sowbugs, Scuds
  • Spring – Blue Winged Olives, Stoneflies, Caddis, Midges, Sowbugs, Scuds
  • Winter – Midges, Sowbugs, Scuds

DePuy Spring Creek Flies:

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