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South Platte River | Dream Stream

Dream Stream Fly Fishing Information

The Dream Stream is the section of the South Platte which wanders through lush meadows tucked between snow capped mountains.   The river is comprised of prime trout habitat, which includes, riffles, runs, gravel bars, shelves, and undercut banks. Fly-fishers can expect to catch a mixed bag of rainbows, browns, and cutthroats in 16-20 inch range. In addition spring (rainbows, and cutthroats) and fall (browns and kokanee salmon) spawning runs from Elevenmile Reservoir are quite impressive with fish up to 12 pounds landed during a key three-four week period.

Prime flows for the Dream Stream are between 100-400 CFS.  The Dream Stream is a year around fishery.  This is due to the constant water flowing from the bottom of Spinney Reservoir.  Access for the Dream Stream is easy.  The entire river is fair game and you can fish where ever you please, all the way down to Elevenmile Reservoir.

Dream Stream Hatches
Summer – Stoneflies, Pale Morning Duns, Tricos, Terrestrials, Caddis, Midges
Fall – Baetis, Terrestrials, Caddis, Midges
Spring – Blue Winged Olives, Stoneflies, Caddis, Midges
Winter – Midges

Dream Stream Real Time Stream Flows

Dream Stream Flies:

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