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South Platte River | 11 Mile Canyon

Elevenmile Canyon Fly Fishing Information

The South Platte River section of Elevenmile Canyon is a dry fly fishers paradise.  Trout in Elevenmile Canyon can be caught on top during every season of the year.  The top two miles is where the best fishing is.  This is largely due the catch and release regulations in place.  Optimum flows for the Canyon are between 100-250 CFS.

Elevenmile Canyon is a year round fishery, even in the winter months.  Insects will hatch through out the year in the Canyon.  Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat Trout inhabit these waters.  Average fish size in the canyon is from 12 to 18 inches.  Larger fish do exist in the sections close to the dam.  Fish numbers are staggering in the canyon.  A few holes in the river are able to sustain fish populations in the triple digits!  Summer months is peak season for Elevenmile Canyon.  The Trico hatches are so thick, it is common to see every trout in a riffle rising to spinners.

Eleven Mile Canyon Real Time Stream Flows

Elevenmile Canyon Hatches

Summer – Caddis, Tricos, Pale Morning Duns, Stoneflies, Terrestrials
Fall – Baetis, Tricos, Midges
Spring – Blue Winged Olives, Caddis, Tricos, Stoneflies
Winter – Midges

Elevenmile Canyon Flies

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