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Exmouth Australia Fly Fishing Information

Fly Fishing in Exmouth, Australia is an incredible experience.  Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef lies approximately 1200KM north of Perth in Western Australia.  Exmouth provides the opportunity to fish in Australia’s only known bonefish fishery.  Pioneered by Brett Wolf and a team of exploratory anglers in search of giant bonefish.

Bonefish are not the only species you will encounter in Exmouth.  Golden Trevally, milkfish, Giant Trevally, Blue Trevally, Permit, Queenfish, Spangled Emperor, Giant Herring, Tarpon ,Cobia, Sailfish and Giant Sharks patrol these waters.  This is a true fly fishing paradise.  You never know what you will encounter in Exmouth.  Beach fishing opportunities are great.  Many of the Trevally species can easily be targeted by walking the beaches and looking for birds and bait.  Fishing by boat is the best way to target bonefish, tarpon and permit.  A boat is need to cover ground, access the flats and get you into position.  The flats in Exmouth are deep.  Some reach depths of up to 6-10 feet.  This means you need heavy flies that sink rapidly.  Bonefish flies with large lead eyes are a must!  As the water warms through the summer and autumn the permit turn up on the  flats in bigger numbers. There is nowhere else in Australian waters that you can cast at bonefish and permit on the same flats and expect to catch either!

Inside Exmouth Gulf there are marauding schools of XL Giant Trevally. Some of the giant trevally that cruise the local waters are just too big to catch on fly unless you are seriously into self punishment.  Sometimes Giant Trevallies are teased back to the boat with hookless poppers that are so big, guests are too scared to cast their fly at them!

Queenfish are a really neat gamefish.  Aggressive and willing to eat, Queenfish will attack flies.  Once hooked Queenies will jump acrobatically in the air and make seriously punishing runs.  Traveling in large schools, Queenfish are often seen chasing monster bait balls and eating everything which crosses their path.

Brett Wolf with True Blue Bonefish >> is the guy you want to call.  Brett is a license guide and outfitter.  He is the best guide in the area and a really fun guy with a sense of humor.

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