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The Florida Keys is the mecca of sight fishing in shallow water. No where else in the world can you find tarpon, bonefish, and permit in the numbers and size that exist in the Florida Keys. Many places in the world contain one or the other in great numbers but not all three like the Keys. The Florida Keys’ gin clear nutrient warm water creates the ultimate habitat for these wonderful fish.

Tarpon are the kings of all gamefish!  Tarpon grow to enormous size and with great numbers in the Keys.  In the Keys it is common to have shots at multiple fish in the triple digits during tarpon season.  Tarpon are one of the few gamefish which consistantly break the surface and jump into the air!  The average bonefish size in the keys is 7-8 pounds.  This is much larger that the world average of 3-4 pounds!  In the keys, you will not have as many shots as Mexico or Bahamas bones, but the Florida Keys grows them big!  Bonefish in the Keys are wary and more picky than their Mexico cousins, so good presentation is a must!  Permit are an amazing fish.  Primarily a deep water fish, they move into the shallow flats to feed.  They awkward cruise the flats in search of crabs and shrimp, but don’t let them fool you.  They are one of the most difficult fish to catch on a fly rod.  Prized and respected by any saltwater fly fisher, Permit are the true trophies of the Florida Keys.

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