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Hawaii Bonefish

Hawaii Bonefish Fly Fishing Information

Fly Fishing Hawaii BonefishFly Fishing Hawaii for large Bonefish is an incredibly rewarding and difficult experience.  Hawaii Bonefish are large and wary.  Bonefish in the 10+LB range are not uncommon.  Hawaii Bonefish are picky eaters and are tough to fool.  These are not your typical Bahamian or Mexican Bonefish.   Hawaii is the ultimate destination for trophy Bonefish!  Most of the Bonefish are found on the Island of Oahu, but that is not the only place they are found.  Shallow flats are not common in Hawaii, and these are the areas which anglers target their quarry.  Knowing where to go and understanding tides are key.  Most successful anglers use a guide.  A boat and knowledge of the area will greatly increase your chances in hooking up with a monster bone!

Hawaii Trophy Bonefish Fly FishingWhen Fly Fishing for Hawaii Bonefish, the anglers skills must be honed and sharpened.  Be sure to practice casting and accuracy.  A 60 foot cast must be made with accuracy, in order to get the “eat” from a big Bonefish.  Wind is a constant challenge in Hawaii, and other saltwater destinations as well.  Practice casting into the wind, not just on calm days.  This preparation will come in handy on the trip to Hawaii for big bones!

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Coach Duff

Lodging With Coach Duff
Our angling friends stay and are pampered at the Paradise Bay Resort on the “Hawaiian” east side of Oahu. Wednesday night is all you can eat buffet brought in by the beautiful local staff, Friday night is Mojitos night, every room has a lanai and kitchen and it’s brand new! There are no other hotels or motels on our green, lush part of Oahu and it sits on mighty Kaneohe Bay, home to the world’s biggest bonefish. We are very proud to work with this amazing lodging opportunity. It doesn’t feel like a resort, it feels like “Hawaii” just like it should!