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Lower Laguna Madre | Texas

Laguna Madre Fly Fishing Information

Lower Laguna Madre is 609 square miles of flats located on the Southern tip of the Texas coast.  Laguna Madre is known for the huge schools of redfish and gin clear water.  This is a saltwater fly fishers dream.  South Padre Island sits on the southern end of lower Laguna Madre.  Accessible by wading or by flats boat.  The average depth of laguna madre is only 2.5 feet!  This means you can almost always find a tailing redfish in the bay.  Unique to the Texas coast, the water is clear.  Clear visibility means you can see fish cruising from 150 feet away!

Spring and Fall are considered peak season for the lower Laguna Madre.  May and June usually offers the most consistent fishing.  Fall is also a great time to be on the coast.  The heat is tolerable and you can get some great “birding” (redfish pushing bait under birds) action from September to November.  The summer months offer great fishing, but it it HOT!  Temperatures in July and August reach triple digits, but the redfish do not seem to mind too much.

The best way to fish the Texas coast is from a flats boat.  The boat allows you to get to the fish and travel across large area.  Once you get to an area, it is common to get out of the boat and wade up to schools of fish.  When wading the Texas coast, be sure to shuffle your feet.  Stingrays are present and if you slide you feet as you walk, you are perfectly safe.  A good pair of flats sneakers is a must.

Redfish are not the only species you will encounter.  Ladyfish, Black Drum, Sheepshead and giant Seatrout are also common catches.  On a good day you can usually catch 4 out of the 5, with the sheepshead being the most difficult on the fly.  Presentation is the key when redfishing.  You must be able to cast your fly into the wind and have it land in the direction the fish is moving.  Practicing before you leave on a trip is important.  A good and accurate caster will always catch more redfish.  Despite what some people say, you do not need to cast 100 feet.  A 40-60 foot cast is perfect, as long as it is accurate.

Laguna Madre Texas Flies

Getting There

Both Southwest and Continental fly to Harlingen and Continental flies to Brownsville, Texas as well.  Once you are there there are several options on where to stay.  There are several hotel chains in South Padre Island and Harlingen.  Either of these areas have decent lodging, but is 45 minutes to an hour from good fishing.  The Kingfisher Inn >> located in Arroyo City, is closest to the good fishing.  It is a fishing lodge and is right on the water.  The Kingfisher Inn is very isolated.  Food and entertainment is more than an hour away.  Port Mansfield also offers some lodging options.  Very close to the fishing, but the Manfield cut can be very rough in bad weather and is not the best option, unless you are fishing the northern end of the bay.