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Rocky Mountain National Park | Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park Fly Fishing

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful places to fish in Colorado.  Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park is a rewarding experience.  The Park offers a variety of fly fishing experiences, from high mountain lakes, tiny creeks, beaver ponds to the mighty Colorado River.  Rocky Mountain National Park is Colorado’s hidden treasure.

Rocky Mountain National Park has a endless amount of water.  The main watersheds in the park are: Colorado River, Poudre River, Big Thompson River, Roaring River, St. Vrain, Fall River and Glacier Creek.  All of which have great fishing.  There are also hundreds of small creeks less than a couple feet wide and are full of brook trout!

One of the more unique aspects of Rocky Mountain National Park, is the reintroduction of the Greenback Cutthroat Trout.  The Greenback was once thought to be extinct, but a small population was discovered and is now being reintroduced to the park.  They are simply the most beautiful trout you have ever laid eyes on.  The Greenback can be found in the Roaring River, St. Vrain, Big Thompson, Fern Lake, Dream Lake, Lily Lake, Sandbeach Lake, Spruce Lake, Odessa Lake, Lawn Lake and many other areas.  The listed areas have strong populations and are a sure bet to find Greenback Cutthroat Trout.

Rocky Mountain National Park offers a variety of trout species.  Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Colorado Cutthroat and Greenback Cutthroat Trout all call the park home.  Rocky Mountain National Park is primarily a late spring, summer and fall fishery.  All of the rivers and lake freeze during the winter and become un-fishable.  There is plenty of wildlife to see in the park while you are fly fishing.  Large herds of elk browse the meadows along the Big Thompson River.  Mule deer, blue grouse, bald eagles black bears, coyotes and marmots are all common creatures you will encounter.

Rocky Mountain National Park Flies