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Spinney Mountain Reservoir | Colorado

Spinney Reservoir Fly Fishing Information

Spinney Mountain Reservoir is Colorado’s premier stillwater trout fishery.  Spinney Reservoir is located in South Park, Colorado just west of Colorado Springs on HWY 24.  Spinney is an outstanding trout fishery, the trout in Spinney Reservoir grow extremely fast!  Scuds, Damels and Callibaetis keep the trout fed year round and allows them to grow large!

Spinney Reservoir sits at 8,691 feet and is roughly 2,500 acres.  What make Spinney special is the depth of the lake.  The deepest area of Spinney is near the dam and only reaches depths of 30 feet.  The shallow nature of the reservoir means food is abundant.  The bugs and scuds live in the weeds which are able to grow through out the reservoirs shallow waters.  Scuds, Chironomids, Damsel Flies and Callibaetis are the main food sources for trout in Spinney.  Large trout will often resort to Crayfish and Leeches to supplement their diet.  Spinney Mountain Reservoir has a strong Crayfish population, this also keeps the Pike fed as well.

Rainbow Trout are the main species found in Spinney Reservoir, but others do inhabit Spinney Mountain Reservoir.  Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout and Pike can also be found in Spinney.  There is a fishing season at Spinney.  The reservoir is closed as soon as ice forms on the lake.  Opening day on Spinney is when the ice is completely off the lake, this usually happens in late April or first week of May.

Chironomids are the main food source for Spinney Trout in the spring.  As summer progresses the Callibaetis mayflies begin, along with the Damsel flies in later in the summer.  This is peak season for Spinney Reservoir.  My favorite months are June, July and August for Spinney.  The fish in Spinney always eat scuds, this is their primary food source year around.  Spinney Mountain Reservoir is also known for it’s spring Chironomid hatch.  This is a special occurrence and is called the “Buffalo Midge” hatch.  The Buffalo Midges hatch in huge number and are a size #10-14!  The Buffalo Midges usually hatch in late May, but it depends on the weather and water temperatures.  Spinney Mountain Reservoir can easily be fished wading or from a belly boat.  Spinney Mountain Reservoir is a fly and lure only fishery with restricted bag limit.  All fish under 20 inches must be released to the water.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir Hatches
Summer – Callibaetis, Damsels, Scuds, Chironomids #12-16, Leeches
Fall – Damsels, Scuds, Chironomids #14-20, Leeches
Spring – Chironomids #10-20, Scuds, Leeches
Winter – Closed

Spinney Mountain Reservoir Flies: