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Yampa River | Colorado

Yampa River Fly Fishing Information

The Yampa River is an incredible fishery.  The Yampa River begins in the Flattops Mountain Range and flows through the beautiful town of Steamboat Springs.  The Yampa, beacuse it is a tailwater, has the ability to grow trout big!  The Yampa is not only known for it’s trout.  The Yampa also hosts a number of large northern pike and smallmouth bass.

Most anglers fish the Yampa below Stagecoach Reservoir.  This is where the high numbers of trout live.  Average fish in this section of the river range from 11-16 inches.  With many fish exceeding that range into the 20 inch mark.  The Tailwater is a year around fishery, but the gates are closed in the winter.  This makes access limited to hike in and snowshoe only.  There is more to the Yampa than just the tailwater section.  The river right through town is a great fishery.  The numbers of fish may be less, but the size ramps up dramatically.  An average fish in town is 15-18 inches, with a high number of fish breaking the 20 inch barrier.  The Yampa through town sees incredible trico and caddis hatches throughout the summer.  This is also an area where you may target a large pike as well.  The Yampa has a long species list.  Brown and Rainbow trout are the most common.  Cutthroat and Brook Trout also thrive in these waters.  Some of the Brook Trout reach large size as well.  Whitefish, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass will be other species that you will encounter.


Yampa River Hatches
Summer – Stoneflies, Pale Morning Duns, Tricos, Terrestrials, Caddis, Midges, Scuds
Fall – Baetis, Terrestrials, Caddis, Midges, Scuds
Spring – Blue Winged Olives, Stoneflies, Caddis, Midges, Scuds
Winter – Midges

Yampa River Real Time Stream Flows

Yampa River Flies:

Yampa River below Stagecoach Reservior Flow Data LINK >>