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Counter Wrapping

Counter Wrapping Fly Tying Video Counter Wrapping is a fly tying technique used to lock down delicate materials and accentuate a ribbing material.  Counter Wrapping is most often done with a fine wire or small tinsel.  The Counter Wrapping technique is used on Pheasant Tails, Prince Nymphs and Woolly Buggers, just to name a few.  […]

Double Weed Guard Video

Double Weed Guard Fly Tying Instructions Video The Double Weed Guard is a great heavy duty weed guard for freshwater applications.  The Double Weed Guard is commonly used on poppers, bass frog patterns and mouse patterns.  The Double Weed Guard can be used in heavy cover and dragged over logs and banks. Follow Us On […]

Dubbing Loop Collars

Dubbing Loop Collars Fly Tying Video – Tips and Tricks Using a dubbing loop for form collars, is a very slick way to make dense collars with no extra bulk.  Removing the hide from fur or the stem from a feather, drastically reduces bulk and makes for very clean tied flies.  The dubbing loop technique […]

Dubbing Loop Video

How To Dub With A Dubbing Loop Dubbing with a Dubbing Loop is a fly tying technique that will consistently and tightly add dubbing to the thread of a fly.  A Dubbing Loop is a more involved way to add dubbing compared to the Traditional Dubbing Method, but it is the preferred method for many […]

EP Crab Body Fly Tying Tricks

EP Crab Body Fly Tying Tricks Video Making Crab Bodies with EP Fibers can be a bit frustrating.  With a little practice and the tips used in this video, anyone can master tying EP crabs and Tarpon Toad style saltwater flies.  EP Fibers are a incredible versatile fly tying material and are available in many […]

Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet Video

Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet Video Instructions The Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet Head is a realistic, flat and broad profile that imitates common bottom-dwelling fish species such as sculpins, gobies and baby catfish.  The Sculpin Helmet is available in two different sizes (Small and Large) and two different colors (Olive and Brown).  This video will demonstrate […]

Fish Skull Streamer Heads Video

Fish Skull Streamer Heads Video Instructions The Fish Skull Streamer Head is a weighted baitfish head that has a realistic profile and is specifically designed for tying freshwater and saltwater streamer fly patterns. Quick-and-simple to tie, this latest innovation in fly tying offers fly fishermen an exciting alternative to using dumbbells or cones to weight […]

Fly Tying Thread Comparison

Fly Tying Thread Comparison Video This Fly Tying Video will demonstrate the difference between UNI, UTC and Veevus fly tying threads.  Each brand of fly tying thread will act differently when tied with.  Watch the video and learn how they lay on the hook shank! Follow Us On YouTube Email Newsletter Sign Up

Fly Tying With Partridge Feathers

Fly Tying With Partridge Feathers Tips and Tricks Video Partridge Feathers have been used in fly tying as long as fly tying has been around.  Partridge Feathers have many uses in fly tying and are considered one of the most versatile feathers in fly tying materials.  Partridge Feathers can be very difficult to deal with […]

Freshwater Weed Guard Video

Freshwater Weed Guard Fly Tying Video Instructions The Freshwater Weed Guard is most commonly used on bass flies and mouse patterns.  But it is not only used on freshwater flies, it is often used on redfish spoon flies as well.  The freshwater weed guard is considered a heavy duty weed guard, used in heavy weeds […]

Hand Whip Finish

Hand Whip Finish Fly Tying Video Instructions The Hand Whip Finish is a great technique to master.  Once you master the Hand Whip Finish, you will have a deep understanding of how the whip finish knot works.  The Hand Whip Finish allows you to quickly finish off a fly, without the aid of the Whipfinisher […]

How To Add Lead Dumbbell Eyes

How To Add Lead Dumbbell Eyes Video Adding Fly Tying Lead Eyes to a streamer and saltwater fly pattern is a common technique used in fly tying.  Lead eyes can often be frustrating for many new fly tiers.  Dumbbell style Lead Eyes like to roll and move, even after the fly has been finished.  Lead […]

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