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Making Crab And Shrimp Eyes

Making Crab And Shrimp Eyes Fly Tying Video

Making Crab Shrimp Fly Tying EyesMaking Crab and Shrimp Eyes can be a labor intensive process, but it does not have to be.  Many fly tiers use Epoxy and other slow drying resins to make Epoxy Mono Crab Shrimp Eyes.  I prefer a faster method.  UV Glues and Resins (either Loon or Clear Cure Goo) have come a long way and are now durable and harder curing.  Making UV Resins a perfect substitute for Epoxy.  This video will demonstrate how to quickly make perfect looking and durable Crab Shrimp Eyes.

Materials Needed To Make Crab And Shrimp Eyes:

  • Loon UV Fly Finish >>
  • UV Laser >>
  • RIO 16LB or 20LB Hard Alloy Tippet >>
  • Quick Drying Nail Polish
  • Lighter
  • Piece of Paper
  • Scissors >>
  • Drying Clip or Foam

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