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20 Incher

20 Incher Fly Tying Instructions

The 20 Incher Stonefly Pattern is a great pattern.  The 20 Incher is a great prospecting nymph and stonefly imitation.  It is one of the best “buggy” patterns out there.  The 20 Incher Stone can be tied large or small and with or without a bead.  I prefer no bead or a dark colored bead, in order to imitate a stonefly more closely.  Stoneflies have a robust body with large legs.  This is why the 20 Incher Stone works so well.  The mottled partridge for the legs closely resembles the mottling pattern of the natural stonefly.  Stoneflies generally hug the bottom and live in the rocks, so the 20 Inchers must be fished deep and heavy.  I prefer mine rolling right in the rocks on the bottom.  You can purchase the Fly Tying Materials for the 20 Incher by clicking on the Recipe items.

20 Incher Fly Pattern Recipe:
Hook: #08-14 Tiemco 200R
Thread: Black UTC 70
Tail: Brown Turkey Biots
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Silver French Tinsel
Thorax: Tan Superfine Dubbing
Legs: Partridge
Casing: Pheasant Tail