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Articulated Aggravator

Articulated Aggravator Nymph Fly Tying Video Instructions

Hinged Articulated Aggravator Nymph Fly TyingThe Articulated Aggravator Nymph is a great stillwater fly for Trout, Bass, Bluegill and Grass Carp.  The Articulated Aggravator is a super buggy fly which imitates a variety of insect found in lakes and ponds.  The Articulated Aggravator is a great fly for imitating Callibaetis Nymphs, Damsel Fly Nymphs, small Minnow Fry and Water Boatmen.  The Articulated Aggravator really has a lot of life to it and the fish can’t resist the wiggle tail!!  Visit Herman’s 3D Fly Library – Fly Tying

Articulated Aggravator Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #16-18 Tiemco 2457 >>
Bead: 5/64″ or 3/32″ Gold Tungsten Bead >>
Shank: Articulated Wiggle Shank >>
Thread: UNI 17/0 >>
Casing: Buggy Brown Medallion Sheeting >>
Legs: Bonefish Tan Barred Speckled Crazy Legs >>
Tail: Sculpin Olive Woolly Bugger Marabou >>
Rib: Pearl Flashabou >>
Body and Thorax: Hare’s Ear Hareline Dubbing >>
Glue: Thick or Thin Loon UV Fly Finish >>

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