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Barr’s Hare Copper

Barr’s Hare Copper Fly Tying Video Instructions

Barrs Hare Copper Fly Tying VideoThe Barr’s Hare Copper is a great blend of two flies called the Copper John and Hare’s Ear.  The Barr’s Hare Copper was developed by innovative fly tier John Barr and is a great heavy attractor/searching pattern.  The Barr’s Hare Copper does a great job imitating a large mayfly nymph or a small stonefly nymph.  The Barr’s Hare Copper can be tied in several color variations, such as copper/copper brown (known as the pheasant tail variation), as well as red/black and olive/black.  But let your imagination take you.  The Barr’s Hare Copper can be tied in endless color combos!

Barr’s Hare Copper Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-18 Tiemco 2302
Bead: 3/32-5/32″ Gold Tungsten Bead
Weight: .010″ Lead Wire
Thread: Tan UTC 70
Tail: Partridge
Body: Copper and Copper Brown Brassie UTC Wire
Casing: Medium Pearl Flashback and Black Thinskin
Thorax: Hare’s Ear Dubbing
Legs: Partridge
Casing Glue: Loon Thick UV Fly Finish

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