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Barr’s Spork Carp Fly

Barr’s Spork Carp Fly Tying Video Instructions

Barr's Spork Carp Fly RecipeThe Barr’s Spork Carp Fly is a great carp fly invented by fly tying legend, John Barr.  The Spork is currently commercially tied in two main colors, Rusty and Black.  These are not the only colors that the Spork can be tied in.  Orange, Olive and Chartreuse are also proven effective variations.  The Spork is designed to ride hook up with the addition of the beadchain eyes.  Lead eyes can be added for extra weight.  The Rusty Spork is a great carp fly for both rivers and lakes!

Barr’s Spork Carp Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #06-08 Tiemco 2457 >>
Thread: Brown UTC 70 >>
Eyes: Gold Medium or Large Beadchain Eyes >>
Tail: Rusty Brown Woolly Bugger Marabou >>
Legs: White Medium Round Rubber Legs >>
Rib: Copper Small Wire >>
Body1: Medium Root Beer Cactus Chenille >>
Body2: Natural Brown Woolly Bugger Hackle >>

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