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Biot Parachute

Biot Parachute Fly Tying Instructions

The Biot Parachute is a very life like dry fly.  Very similar to the traditional parachute, the Biot Parachute uses a goose biot to segment the body of the fly.  The goose biot imitates the segments of a adult mayfly perfectly.  The Biot Parachute can be tied in many different colors and sizes.  The most common colors are olive, yellow and brown.  The goose biot can be soaked in water to make the material more pliable and easier to work with.  A great little fly!

Biot Parachute Fly Recipe:
Hook: #12-20 Tiemco 100>>
Thread: Brown UTC 70>>
Tail: Hackle Fibers>>
Body: Goose Biot>>
Thorax: Superfine Dubbing>>
Wing: White Antron Yarn>>
Hackle: Dry Fly Hackle>>

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