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Bonefish Crab

Bonefish Crab Fly Tying Instructions

The Bonefish Crab is my favorite crab for bonefish and redfish.  This crab fly is very different than other crab flies out there.  Mainly, the color and movement.  The entire crab is light in color.  Most of the crabs that bonefish and redfish forage on are light in color.  The small amount of sparkle chenille on the butt of the crab, gives it the appearance of being injured.  The polar fiber for the claws moves better than any other material out there.

Crabs play a huge role in redfish and bonefish diets.  Many fly fisherman underestimate how important crab flies are.  The most common crab flies are tan or dark in color.  You want to make sure you are using a crab pattern that is similar to the color of the bottom.  Crabs match the color of the bottom or sand.  So, like most of the flats, white or cream is my favorite color!

Bonefish Crab Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 811S>>
Eyes: Gold Medium Brass Eyes>>
Thread: Fl. Chartreuse UTC 140>>
Tail/Claws: Sand Pseudo Hair>>
Body: Sand EP Fibers>>
Body/Butt: Medium or Large Olive Cactus Chenille >>

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