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Gotcha Bonefish Fly Tying Video Instructions

Gotcha Bonefish Fly Tying Video InstructionsThe Bonefish Gotcha is one of the simplest and most effective Bonefish flies out there.  Developed by Jim McVay, the Bonefish Gotcha is so versatile because it can be tied in multiple colors, different amounts of weight and in many sizes.  The Bonefish Gotcha uses all synthetic materials, making it very lifelike and durable.  The Bonefish Gotcha is most often tied in sizes #01-08, but can be tied larger for big bonefish!

Bonefish love shrimp!  This is what the Gotcha imitates.  There are many different kinds of shrimp that live on the flats, but a very common shrimp is a juvenile Mantis Shrimp.  That is what you see pictures to your right.  The small Mantis Shrimp are very light in color and have a translucent appearance.  This is why the Gotcha is most often tied in clear, white, tan or brown colors.  I like to use a color that matches the bottom of the flat, this is because most of the shrimp try to match the color of their environment.  A Bonefish Gotcha is a must have Bonefish fly for your box!


McVays Gotcha Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #01-08 Tiemco 811S>>
Thread: FL. Pink UTC 140>>
Eye: Silver Brass Eyes>> or Beadchain Eyes>>
Tail: Small Pearl Minnow Body >>
Body: Pearl Flat Diamond Braid >>
Collar: Tan Extra Select Craft Fur>>
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash >>
Glue: ZAP A GAP Brush On >>

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