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Bonefish Special

Bonefish Special Fly Tying Video Instructions – Chico Fernandez

Bonefish Special Fly Tying Video InstructionsThe Bonefish Special is a classic Bonefish fly, still very effective to this day.  The Bonefish Special was developed by Bonefish specialist Chico Fernandez.  The Bonefish Special is a great skinny water Bonefish Pattern.  The Bonefish Special was first developed as a unweighted pattern, but is very effective in weighted styles as well.  The Bonefish Special is a must have Bonefish Fly Pattern in any Bonefish Fly Box.  Especially if you are planning a trip to Mexico, where Bonefish frequent the super skinny flats.

Bonefish Special Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 811S >>
Thread: Black UTC 140 >>
Tail: FL. Orange Strung Blood Quill Marabou >>
Underbody: Gold Tinsel >>
Body: Clear Medium D-Rib >>
Collar: White Calf Tail >>
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash >>
Collar2: Grizzly Whiting Bugger Pack >> or Whiting Rooster Cape >>
Glue: Loon UV Fly Finish >>

Also Used In This Fly Tying Video:
Bobbin: Marc Petitjean Bobbin >>
Vise: Regal Medallion Vise >>
Scissors: DR Slick Hair Scissors >>
Whip Finisher: Umpqua Rotating Whip Finisher >>
Curing Light: UV Laser >>

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