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The Buckskin is one of my favorite caddis patterns to fish.  It works almost anywhere.  Traditionally, a Buckskin is tied with shammy.  I prefer to use a more lifelike and durable material.  For the Buckskin, I use buckskin colored midge tubing.  With this tubing you get the segmentation, life like sheen and durability of your fly.  The Buckskin is a super simple fly to tie, all you need is tubing and thread.  It can be tied in #14-22, I prefer the #18.

To the right is a caddis larva.  You can see the creamish color, this is what the Buckskin is imitating.  The dark head is also important.  All Buckskins have black thread head or a peacock head.  The caddis larva is usually cased inside of a casing when they are living on the bottom.  The trout want the un-cased larva which is what you see to the right.  The color of the caddis can vary from tan to almost white.  This depends on the type of caddis and also whether it pupating or not.

Buckskin Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-22 Tiemco 2487>>
Thread: Black UTC 70>>
Body: Buckskin Midge Tubing>>

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