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CDC Golden Stone

CDC Golden Stone Fly Tying Video Directions

CDC Golden Stone Fly Tying Recipe DirectionsThe CDC Golden Stone is a great small stonefly nymph.  The CDC Golden Stone has the perfect blend of flash, movement and buggy profile.  The CDC Golden Stone is best nymphed heavy and near the bottom of the river.  The CDC Golden Stone is great on almost all western trout rivers.  The CDC Golden Stone can bet tied in many sizes and a tungsten be substituted for fly Cyclops Bead to add more weight.  Give one a try!

CDC Golden Stone Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-14 Tiemco 5262 >>
Bead: Gold Cyclops Bead >>
Weight: .010-.015 Lead Wire >>
Thread: Tan UTC 70 >>
Tail: Pheasant Tail >>
Body: Golden Stone Nymph SLF Whitlock Dubbing >>
Casing: Wide Pearlescent Tinsel >>
Rib: Copper Brassie Wire >>
Collar1: Natural or Brown CDC >>
Collar2: Tan Grizzly Soft Hackle >>

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