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Chaos Hopper

Chaos Hopper Fly Tying Video Instructions

Chaos Hopper Fly Tying VideoThe Chaos Hopper is a simple and super effective hopper pattern!  The Chaos Hopper can be tied in many colors and sizes, but my favorite is a #08 Tan.  The Chaos Hopper is a small to medium sized hopper, making it a great hopper pattern for picky trout or on small creeks.  The Chaos Hopper is made primarily of foam, so it floats great!  The Chaos Hopper also has a very realistic profile, making is very effective.  Give it a try!

Chaos Hopper Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-12 Tiemco 100 >>
Thread: Olive UTC 140 >>
Body: Tan 2MM Foam >>
Wing: Brown Caddis Para Post >>
Spot: White 2MM Foam >>
Legs: Brown Medium Round Rubber Legs >>

Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap >>

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