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Common Craw

Common Craw Carp Fly Tying Instructions

Common Craw Carp FlyThe Common Craw is one buggy little Carp Fly!  The Common Craw was developed for picky carp on the South Platte River in Denver.  The Common Craw is a fairly heavy fly, this is why it works so well in the river.  The Common Craw sinks quickly and stays on the bottom, right where the Carp want it!  The Common Craw is made of supple materials, which allows it to move and breath in the water.  This one great Carp Fly.  Give it a try!

Common Craw Flies distributed by Catch Fly Fishing.  Ask your local fly shop!

Common Craw Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04 Gamakastu SL45
Thread: Olive UTC 140
Weight: .020 Lead Wire
Eyes: Medium Red Painted Dumbell Eyes
Tail: 1 Plume Olive and 1 Plume Black Marabou
Body: Natural, Orange, or Red Zonker Pink Squirrel
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Head: Peacock Herl

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