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Comparadun Fly Tying Video Instructions

Comparadun Fly PatternThe Comparadun Fly is the choice for technical mayfly dry flies.  The Comparadun is a fly that will fool the pickiest of trout on any western river.  The reason for the Comparadun’s success is the profile and the ability for the fly to ride flush to the surface of the water.  For these reasons the Comparadun is a great slow water fly, but not very good for fast water or pocket water, as it is easily sucked under.  The Comparadun can be tied in many sizes and colors to imitate any mayfly species.

Comparadun Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #10-22 Tiemco 101
Thread: UTC 70
Tail: Dun Mayfly Tails
Body: Superfine Dubbing
Wing: Natural Comparadun Hair

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