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Copperhead Midge

Copperhead Midge Fly Tying Video Instructions

Copperhead Midge Emerger Fly PatternThe Copperhead Midge is a blend of a Black Beauty, Disco Midge and Johnny Flash Midge.  Similar traits, but a totally different look.  The Copperhead Midge is a great fly in the technical tailwaters in the west.  The Copperhead Midge is best fished with light weight and is to be fished as an “emerger” pattern.  The Copperhead Midge can be tied in other colors, but the copper is my favorite!

Copperhead Midge Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #19-21 Tiemco 102Y >>
Thread: Black UTC 70 >>

Body: Black UTC 70 >>
Rib: Copper Krystal Flash >>
Thorax: Amber Superfine Dubbing >>
Wingcase: Copper Krystal Flash >>

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