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Crazy Charlie

Crazy Charlie Fly Tying Video Instructions

Crazy Charlie Bonefish FlyThe Crazy Charlie is regarded as one of the best Bonefish flies ever tied.  The Crazy Charlie is a classic fly of sorts, a least for Bonefish.  The Crazy Charlie is one of the more simple bonefish flies that can be tied, but do not underestimate it.  The Crazy Charlie is still a widely used and deadly fly.   The Crazy Charlie can be tied in many colors and sizes, with a #06 being the most popular.  The Crazy Charlie can be tied in Tan, Pink, Chartreuse, Orange, White, Yellow, Olive and Brown!

Crazy Charlie Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 811S
Eyes: Silver Medium Beadchain Eyes
Thread: FL. Pink UTC 140
Body1: Medium Pearlescent Tinsel
Body2: Clear or Pink Medium D-Rib
Wing: Pink Calf Tail

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