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Crazy Leg Gotcha

Crazy Leg Gotcha Bonefish Fly Tying Video Directions

Bonefish Crazy Sili Leg Gotcha Fly Tying Directions RecipeThe Crazy Leg Gotcha is a great variation of the traditional Bonefish Gotcha Fly Pattern.  I prefer the Crazy Leg Gotcha over the traditional Bonefish flies.  The Crazy Legs add more color and life to the fly, and I believe the Bonefish also love it more!  The Hot Tipped Crazy Legs are my favorite legs for the Gotcha, but you can choose your favorite colors to use.  Check out the video and learn how to tie the Crazy Leg Bonefish Gotcha Fly.

Crazy Leg Gotcha Bonefish Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 800S >>
Thread: FL Fire Orange UTC 140 >>
Eyes: Medium Nickel and Red Pupil Pseudo Eyes >>
Tail/Body: Pearl Flat Diamond Braid >>
Collar: White, Cream, Tan or Sand Pseudo Hair >>
Legs: Pearl and Orange Tipped Crazy Legs >>
Glue: Brush On ZapaGap >>

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