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Deep Blue Poison Tung

Deep Blue Poison Tung Fly Tying Instructions

Deep Blue Poison Tung FlyThe Deep Blue Poison Tung is a great small attractor fly.  The key to this fly is it’s small size and eye catching color.  The Ice Dub on the collar of the fly can be seen in clear and dingy water.  The blue wire is visible to the fish in low light and deep water.  The Poison Tung has a profile of a midge or small mayfly.  The Tungsten Bead makes the Poison Tung a great dropper off of a dry fly and sinks quickly.

Deep Blue Poison Tung Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18 Tiemco 2487>>
Bead: Nickel 5/64″ Tungsten Bead>>
Thread: Blue Dun UTC 70>>
Body: Blue Dun UTC 70>>
Rib: X-Small Blue UTC Wire>>
Thorax: Dun UV Ice Dub>>

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