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deGala’s Red Midge

deGala’s Red Midge Fly Tying Video Instructions

degalas red midge fly tying videoThe deGala’s Red Midge is a great stillwater midge (Chironomid) pattern.  This is a life like version of the deep water Chironomids found in most Western Reservoirs.  The deGala’s Red Midge is best fished under an indicator, near the bottom.  Prolific Chironomid hatches often blanket Western stillwaters in the spring, and this is the perfect time to fish the deGala’s Red Midge!  Visit Herman’s 3D Fly Library – Fly Tying

deGala’s Red Midge Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-18 Tiemco 2302 >>
Thread: UNI 17/0 >> or White UTC 70 >>
Tag: Red Flat Braid >>
Body: Peacock Herl >>
Wing Pad: Red Goose Biots >>
Wing Case: Buggy Brown Medallion Sheeting >>
Gills: Oral B Dental Floss
Legs: Peacock Herl >>
Glue: Thick or Thin Loon UV Fly Finish >>

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