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DNA Deceiver

DNA Deceiver Fly Tying Video Instructions

DNA Deceiver FlyThe DNA Deceiver is a more lifelike and completely synthetic version of the classic saltwater Deceiver.  100 Percent synthetic materials means that the DNA Deceiver is more durable, realistic and has no water retention when casting.  The DNA Deceiver can be tied in all the classic colors, plus many more!  The DNA Deceiver is not just a saltwater fly, it also works great on bass and pike!

DNA Deceiver Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-3/0 Tiemco 600SP >>
Thread: FL Chartreuse UTC 140 >>
Body White DNA Holo Fusion >>
Back of Body: Chartreuse DNA Holo Fusion >>
Gills: Red Krystal Flash >>
Eyes: 3/16″ Red Oval Pupil Eyes >>
Head: Loon UV Fly Finish >> or UV Knot Sense >>

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