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DNA Gotcha

DNA Gotcha Bonefish Fly Tying Directions

DNA Bonefish Gotch FlyThe DNA Gotcha is a killer Bonefish Fly Pattern.  The DNA Gotcha imitates a small shrimp, crab or tiny baitfish.  All of which are favorite prey for hungry Bonefish.  The DNA Gotcha can be tied in many different colors, with the Shrimp, Tan, Pink and Chartreuse being the favorite among most fly fishers.  The DNA Gotcha has the perfect blend of translucency and flash, making it the perfect Bonefish fly!  Do not be fooled by the fly when dry!  Once the DNA Gotcha is in the water, you will not be able to believe the movement and realistic nature of this pattern!

DNA Gotcha Bonefish Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 811S >>
Thread: FL. Chartreuse UTC 140 >>
Eyes: Medium Nickel Brass Eyes >>
Tail/Body: Pearl Flat Diamond Braid >>
Collar: Shrimp and Chartreuse DNA Holo Fusion >>
Legs: Clear/Salt N Pepper Crazy Legs >>
Glue: Zap A Gap Brush On >>

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