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Double Bunny

Double Bunny Streamer Fly Tying Instructions

Double Bunny Streamer FlyThe Double Bunny Streamer is a must have streamer for any serious fly fisher.  The Double Bunny perfectly imitates the profile of a juvenile trout or baitfish.  The Double Bunny is made completely of rabbit fur, which means that the fly with ungulate and move in the current.  The Double Bunny can be tied in many colors, such as olive/white, black/white, brown/white and tan/white.  The lighter color will always go on the belly or bottom of the fly.

Double Bunny Streamer Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 5263>>
Thread: White UTC 140>>
Belly: White Rabbit Zonker Strip>>
Back: Grizzly Rabbit Zonker Strip>>
Rabbit Strip Glue: Tear Mender>>
Optional Flash: Copper Krystal Flash>>
Eyes: Red 5/16″ Oval Pupil 3D Eyes>>
Eye Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap>>

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