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EC Caddis

EC Caddis Fly Tying Video Instructions

EC Caddis Fly Fishing PatternThe EC Caddis is a parachute variation of the traditional Elk Hair Caddis.  The EC Caddis has a trailing shuck for a tail and a parachute hackle.  This imitates a crippled or emerging caddis.  The parachute hackle gives the fly a much more “life like” appearance and sits flush to the surface of the water.  The EC Caddis a great pattern for picky or sipping fish in slow water.  The EC Caddis is not as bushy as some of it’s caddis cousins, so it does not float as well in fast water, but is a great slower water fly!

EC Caddis Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-18 Tiemco 100>>
Thread: UTC 70>>
Tail: Z-Lon or Antron Yarn>>
Body: Superfine Dubbing>>

Thorax: Superfine Dubbing>>
Wing: Elk Hair>>
Hackle: Grizzly Dry Fly Hackle>>

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