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EP Ghost Shrimp

The EP Ghost Shrimp is a very effective Bonefish Fly developed by Enrico Puglisi.  The EP Ghost Shrimp imitates a small semi-translucent shrimp that bonefish prey on.  The EP Ghost Shrimp can be tied in may color variations.  Tan, White and Brown are the most commonly tied, but Olive and Pink are also good colors.  The EP Ghost Shrimp can be tied with either Lead eyes or Beadchain eyes.  Both are a must in any bonefish box (depending on the depth and spookiness of the fish).  Great little fly and the weed guard eyes are a really neat touch!!

EP Ghost Shrimp Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-06 Gamakatsu SL45
Thread: Orange 6/0 Veevus or Mono Thread
Eyes: Small Nickel Brass Eyes or Beachain Eyes
Body: Tan EP Fibers or Tan Dubbing (Synthetic)
Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash
Flash: Pearl and Black Midge Flash
Legs: Micro Size Sand Bonecrusher Legs
Wing: Tan or 3D Sand EP Fibers or Silky Fibers
Eyes: Small Black EP Crab Shrimp Mono Eyes
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap