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EP Spawning Shrimp

EP Spawning Shrimp Fly Tying Video Instructions

EP Spawning Shrimp Fly Tying DirectionsThe EP Spawning Shrimp is a great Bonefish, Permit and Redfish Shrimp pattern.  The EP Spawning Shrimp is very easy to tie, due to the use of the innovative EP Shrimp Dub Brush.  The EP Spawning Shrimp in this video is tied in the “Transparent” White Color, but the Ep Shrimp is also very effective in Tan, Olive and Pink.  Match the color of the legs to the color of the body, and you will end up with one deadly shrimp pattern every time!  For shallow water use, tie with Beadchain Eyes and for deep water use, tie with heavier Lead or Brass Eyes.

EP Spawning Shrimp Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #1/0-06 Tiemco 800S >>
Thread: Orange UTC 140 >>
Eyes: Lead or Black Brass Eyes >>
Tail: Orange McFlylon >>
Rear Eyes: Large EP Crab Shrimp Eyes >>
Legs: Pearl or Clear Variations of Crazy Legs >>
Antenna: Black Krystal Flash >>
Body: Clear EP Shrimp Dub Brush >>
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap >>
Brush: Ultimate Dubbing Brush >>
Weed Guard: 16-20LB RIO Hard Alloy >>

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