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Epoxy Mysis Shrimp

Epoxy Mysis Shrimp Fly Tying Video Instructions

Epoxy Mysis Shrimp Fly Tying Will SandsThe Epoxy Mysis Shrimp (developed by Will Sands) is a very life like Mysis Shrimp Pattern.  The Mysis Shrimp is a protein rich Shrimp that flushes out the bottom of many western tailwaters and is responsible for growing monster trout.  The Frying Pan River is one of the most famous rivers in the west, and has a heavy population of Mysis Shrimp (and also where the Epoxy Mysis was invented).  The Epoxy Mysis Shrimp is best fished on a nymph rig and suspended in the water column.  A Mysis Shrimp is a neutrally buoyant crustacean and often floats in the middle of the water column as it is being flushed from the bottom of a reservoir.

Epoxy Mysis Shrimp Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #16-20 Tiemco 200R >>
Thread: UNI Mono >>
Tail1: White Antron Yarn >>
Tail2: Natural Mallard Flank >>
Eyes: Mono Eyes >>
Body: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish >> or Epoxy >>

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