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Eric’s Midge

Eric’s Midge Fly Tying Video Directions

Eric's Midge Fly Tying DirectionsThe Eric’s Midge is a great midge and midge cluster fly pattern.  The Eric’s Midge incorporates high floating foam and high vis material in combination.  The Eric’s Midge can be tied in many colors, although the black foam back and grey/tan variations are the most popular.  This is a fairly easy midge dry fly to tie and still very effective.  Similar to the Griffith’s Gnat, the Eric’s Midge is a must have in any western trout fly box!

Eric’s Midge Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18-22 Tiemco 101 >>
Thread: Tan UTC 70 >>
Tail: Dark Grey Para Post >>
Body: Tan UTC 70 >>
Casing: Black Micro Thin Foam >>
Hackle: Dun Whiting Rooster Cape >> or Dun Whiting 100 Pack >>
Hot Spot: Fl. Orange Para Post >>

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