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Flexo Crab

The Flexo Crab is a life like crab fly tied with expandable tubing.  This is not a easy fly to tie!  The tubing material is difficult to work with and often resists you every step of the way.  Once mastered, the Flexo Crab is a very rewarding fly to tie.  It looks just like a crab!!  Many permit anglers also think it feels like a crab too and is considered one of the reasons permit eat it so well.  The Flexo Crab can be tied in many colors, the Sand/Beige color is my favorite, but White and Cream are also good colors.  When tied in smaller sizes, the Flexo Crab also makes a good bonefish fly.  A must have in any saltwater box!

Flexo Crab Fly Recipe:
Hook: #3/0-04 Gamakatsu SS15
Thread: White 6/0 Veevus or Kevlar Thread
Eyes: Large Plain Lead Eyes
Body: Beige Fly Flex or E-Z Body Tubing is sizes 1/8″-3/8″ (3/8″ was used in video)
Eyes: Large Red or Black EP Crab Shrimp Eyes
Legs: Tan Micro Velvet Chenille (Griffin Wire Threader used in video for legs)
Glue: Epoxy and Zap A Gap Brush On (Thin Loon Fly Finished Used in Video)