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Foam Wing RS2

Foam Wing RS2 Fly Tying Instructions

The Foam Wing RS2 is one of the many variations of the Rim Chung RS2 Pattern.  The Foam Wing RS2 is a great mayfly emerger, but is often eaten for a midge and other insects.  The foam on the wing of the fly imitates an emerging mayfly as it transitions from a nymph to an adult.  The foam also help hold the fly off of the bottom and keeps the fly suspended in the water.  The Foam Wing RS2 can also be fished as a dry or an emerger in the surface film.  The foam will suspend the fly in the film and fool the fish that are slurping insects just below the surface.

Foam Wing RS2 Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #16-22 Tiemco 100>>
Thread: UTC 70>>
Tail: 2 Fluorofiber Strands
Body: Superfine Dubbing>>
Casing: White 2MM Foam>>

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