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Foxy Clouser

Foxy Clouser Fly Tying Video Instructions

Foxy Clouser FlyThe Foxy Clouser is a great Bonefish and Redfish pattern.  The Foxy Clouser imitates a small shrimp or crustacean.  Bonefish and Redfish are not the only fish that the Foxy Clouser works on.  The Foxy Clouser also works great on carp, bass and trout!

Foxy Clouser Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 811S>>
Eyes: Red Medium Lead Eyes>>
Thread: Olive UTC 140>>
Tail: Red Fox Tail >> or Tan Arctic Fox>>
Flash1: Copper Krystal Flash>>
Flash2: Copper Flashabou>>
Collar: Red Fox Tail >> or Tan Arctic Fox>>

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