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Gangster Crab

Gangster Crab Fly Tying Video Instructions

The 239 variation of the classic Kwan fly. I’m sure if Cuba Gooding junior had known about the gangster crab when rehearsing the script for Jerry Maguire he would’ve add lib’d this puppy instead. Part pregnant crab, part swimming shrimp, all tasty fish calories dancing through strike zone. The Gangster Crab is as durable as it is attractive. That’s pretty convenient too because they chewed up at an alarming pace. She’s an excellent all around pattern for any inshore game. Truly a member of the elusive “1 fly that does it all club.”

Gangster Crab Recipe:
Medium Cactus Chenille- Red
Pseudo Hair- Chartreuse
Pseudo Hair- Sand
Medium Palmer Chenille- Pink
Medium Krystal Hackle- Chartreuse
EP 3D Fibers- Pink
EP 3D Fibers- Chartreuse
Lead Eyes- Double Pupil, Small, Pink
Medium Bead Chain- Gold
Danville 210 Flat Wax Thread- Chartreuse
Zap Gel