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Gangster Gurgler

Gangster Gurgler Fly Tying Video Directions – 239Flies

Catching fish on top water baits is about as much fun as you can have with your pants on. If you haven’t  seen a monster rise from the depths and blow a hole in the surface like someone dropped a sack of potatoes out of a helicopter, you might want to try it. Unless you’re strongly opposed to adrenalin production and all things fun.

Gangster Gurgler Fly Tying Recipe:
Daiichi 2546 1/0
Medium Cactus Chenille- Orange
Pseudo Hair- Sand
Pseudo Hair- Cream
Medium Palmer Chenille- Brown
Medium Krystal Hackle- Chartreuse
239 Gangster Foam strips- White and Tan
EP .5″ Tarantula Brush- Tan
Danville 210 Flat Wax Thread- Pink