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Gummy Bugger

Gummy Woolly Bugger Fly Tying Video Instructions

Gummy Woolly BuggerThe Gummy Bugger is the latest version of the tried and true Woolly Bugger.  The Gummy Bugger uses Chewee Skin, in the place of Chenille, for the body of the fly.  The Gummy Bugger can be tied in several different colors.  Here it is tied in brown and orange for a crayfish imitation.  The other popular colors are black/purple and olive/green.  The Gummy Bugger is a great leech, crayfish or baitfish imitation for trout and bass.  Give it a try!

Gummy Woolly Bugger Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-12 Tiemco 5262>>
Cone: Large 1/4″ Rainbow Conehead >>
Thread: Black UTC 140>>
Tail: Black Wooly Bugger Marabou>>
Body: Pink Chewee Skin >>
Rib: Copper Wire>>
Body2: Whiting Grizzly Woolly Bugger Hackle>>

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