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Gurgler Fly Tying Video Instructions

Gurgler Fly Tying DirectionsThe Gurgler Fly Pattern is the invention of Jack Gartside.  The Gurgler is a floating fly that spits and “gurgles” when stripped.  The Gurgler imitates everything from shrimp to baitfish and a frog for bass!  The Gurger is a simple and very effective fly to tie.  The Gurgler style tying technique has even been incorporated into mouse flies for trout!  The Gurgler can be tied in many different colors and sizes.  White, Tan, Shrimp, Chartreuse and Olive are favorites among many fishing guides in both the salt and freshwater.

Gurgler Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-2/0 Tiemco 811S>>
Thread: Red UTC 140>>
Tail: White Bucktail>>
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash>>
Body1: Pearl Ice Chenille>>
Body2: Grizzly or White Woolly Bugger Hackle>>
Casing: White Foam>>

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