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Herman’s San Juan Midge

Herman’s San Juan Midge Fly Tying Video Instructions

Herman's San Juan Midge Fly Tying Video InstructionsThe Herman’s San Juan Midge is a tiny little midge larva pattern.  The Herman’s San Juan Midge was developed for the San Juan River in New Mexico, which is notorious for the tiny flies fished there.  The Herman’s San Juan Midge also works great on all other western tailwaters.  Especially in the winter, when small midges are the main food source for these trophy trout.  Get out your 7x tippet and give these tiny realistic midges a try!!!  Visit Herman deGala’s 3D Fly Library – Fly Tying

Herman’s San Juan Midge Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #24-26 Tiemco 2488 >>
Thread: UNI 17/0 >>
Tag: Red 1/64″ UNI Double Sided Mylar Tinsel >>
Body: Stripped Peacock Herl >>
Casing: Buggy Brown Medallion Sheeting >>
Thorax: Peacock Herl >>
Glue: Loon UV Fly Finish >>
Curing Light: UV Laser >> or Loon Powerlight >>

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