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Hoh Bo Spey

Hoh Bo Spey Fly Tying Instructions

Hoh Bo Spey Fly Steelhead StreamerThe Hoh Bo Spey is a standard in any steelhead fly fishers arsenal.  The Hoh Bo Spey combines realistic profile and movement into one package.  The Hoh Bo Spey was designed around movement.  The Hoh Bo Spey undulates and pulses in the current without loosing bulk and profile.  The Hoh Bo Spey can be tied in many colors such as: Black, Chartreuse, Orange, Red and Purple.

Hoh Bo Spey Fly Tying Recipe:
Shank: Black 40MM Senyo’s Intruder Shank>>
Hook Wire: Black Senyo’s Intruder Wire>>
Hook: #04-02 Daiichi Intruder Hook>>
Thread: Pink UTC 140>>
Dubbing1: Kingfisher Blue STS Trilobal Dubbing>>
Dubbing2: Purple STS Trilobal Dubbing>>
Body Hackle: Natural Guinea>>
Front Collar: Black Extra Select Marabou>>
Wing Accents: Natural Lady Amherst Tail Feather>>
Flash: Black Flashabou>>

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